October 19th, 2012

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October 16th, 2012

Of summers past (by hightide)


Of summers past (by hightide)

October 11th, 2012

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Be patient

Human beings are really contradicting creatures. Half of the things they say and act out in reality is the opposite of what they thought or feel about it. Sometimes, the smarter they get, the scarier they are. Nothing seems simple any more, and one’s intention can be as deep as the mask hidden behind their expressions. It is scary and sometimes disturbing when you realize how extreme these thoughts can be. Being too smart and knowledgeable will also make one rationalize their thinking. Their minds are like a balancing weighing machine, always trying to balance the pros and cons and finding ways to justify their actions or consequences. Sadly, some even to the extent of rationalizing intangible aspects of life like love. 

I never believed in rationalizing love, choosing the perfect partner that will complete the rest of my life that will be the best husband or father of our children just because of his attributes and capability. I believe in the connection of the two souls and the will to overcome all differences to live a life called ours. I know how critical material wealth and social & economic social is in this current context of life but I still firmly believe that emotional and psychological aspects are as important. 

I know people maybe different. But the one that is willing to accept your uniqueness and fit that into his differences is the one that you should hold on and never let go. Because he is the one that can change yours and his world into our world.

Till the day, I pray that Father will keep on taking care and protecting him and that I will be patient in tribulations and consistent in prayers. 

In my precious Father’s name,


October 6th, 2012

What Love is This - Kari Jobe - Where I Find You (by MrDiBorgess)

Thank you Father for this perfect love. Thank you for the revelation that leads to me understanding how true and amazing Your love is for us your children. What are this suffering I have gone through compared to the sacrifices and sufferings You have gone through for us. Jesus, my precious ABBA Father, thank you, I am so proud to be Your child. 

Love, Winnie Khoo

October 2nd, 2012

Hello Recess week

Hello world, 

This is officially the first recess week of my university life.

Even though it is highly unproductive up to now, but I am thankful to God that all the little encounters that He has put in my days making them worthwhile. :) I managed to spend some times with my mum last Sat where we went to Chinese Garden together to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival and caught a movie together at Jcube after that. Even though it was just a simple day out but I am really glad that we have spent some precious times together. 

Then I caught the movie Ted with Adi, my amazing hall mate on Sunday night. How amazing this guy can make awesome caramel popcorns and shared with me :) Really thank God for good and trustworthy friends that really take good care of me.

Then yesterday was a crazy day which I had 3 meetings from Hall 11 to AMK Readycare centre to 2 houses recee to Caretalyst meeting at SMU. I am really glad that I was given this opportunity to bond with Venessa whom an amazing girl that inspires me through her testimonials. Thank God for all these brave souls and such a wonderful spiritual sister. Really glad that God has opened up the dark room of hers and probably one day my forbidden dark room will be unlocked too. 

Yesterday was supposed to be a mugging night but apparently I failed badly again. Was doing research on Child prostitution in Cambodia and was really kind of upset why the inequality of Cambodia women are so culturally rooted and inevitable due to the extreme poverty there. These pretty, wonderful ladies deserve every right of respect, love and care from others, especially their family and husbands. Yet these were the men that took their wives and daughters for granted and put them into degradable, vulnerable situations of harm and abuse. Father, I pray for these women, all those broken and wounded women, I pray that You will shield them with your unfailing love and cleanse them from any shame, self pity and sins, and transforming them from the unwanted, despised “rags” into the deserving, respectful, and loved princesses. 

Hugs are probably the most amazing, sacred symbols of friendship. It keeps the hearts warm, and filled with it with hope and joy. No matter how short it is, the impact will be kept for life. Because you are worth it. Thank you. 

Love, Winnie 

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"I like flaws and feel more comfortable around people who have them. I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions."

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austin can we do this one day please

This is LOVE when one day I have found the guy that fills up the spot beside me :)


austin can we do this one day please

This is LOVE when one day I have found the guy that fills up the spot beside me :)

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